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You do not need veterinary experience to join the veterinary team!  You will need to be vaccinated against rabies to join the team and be willing to ride long distances (1-2 hours) in the back of a truck to the work site.  We can teach you all you need to know and there are many jobs!  If you aren’t comfortable with needles and syringes, we need volunteers to apply fly spray, translate, record animals treated, mark animals treated and a host of other things.  It’s a rewarding and fun experience!  Step out of your comfort zone and you won’t be sorry.

Animals are vital to the survival of the Hondurans who live in the rural mountains.  Therefore, the well-being of animals has a huge economic and human health consequences.  Animals provide the basics, such as transportation and food.  They are beasts of burden and till the fields and provide much needed companionship and so much more

The main thrust of the mission continues to be preventive treatment of animals that would normally not have access to any kind of veterinary services.  Our veterinary teams travel many miles over rough roads to isolated hamlets to administer vaccinations for rabies for cats and dogs, black leg for cattle, fowl pox for chickens, erysipelas for swine, and tetanus for horses.  All animals are dewormed and treated for external parasites.  Approximately 6,000 animals are treated each year during our 6 day visit.

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