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Packing List

Suggested Packing List

Please remember that you are not allowed to bring aerosols and anything flammable.  There is a large grocery store that is easy to visit every day of the trip.  You can obtain toiletries, food and drinks there!

If you elect to check a bag, consider packing at least a change of clothing and your medication in your carry-on baggage in the event your checked bag is lost or delayed.


– Work clothes (4 sets of shirts & long pants).  Many people favor scrubs – but light weight/quick drying hiking type clothing is also ideal for the trip.

Please do not plan to wear shorts during the trip.  Your legs need to be covered while working and shorts will not protect you from insects in the evening.  If you feel you need to bring shorts, make them the longer variety—NOT the expose your derriere type.  Summer dresses are always appropriate for church and around town. Long pants are fine (and recommended for the women on the vet teams).  You can pay to have clothing washed and returned to you (usually in 24-36 hours) by speaking with the front desk of the hotel.  There is a small charge for this service, but it is often used by those who have been mission participants for multiple years.  The vet teams normally get covered with “animal residue”. (You may want to go through your closet or go to Goodwill and find four sets of work clothes that you can leave behind.)

–  Clothes for non-work days (travel Saturday and Friday; Church on Sunday)

–  Good solid shoes or work boots with closed toes for everyone on the vet team.

–  Sun hat (the sun will cook you at that altitude and latitude)

–  Bandana (recommend several)

–  Rain gear (ponchos or rain suits, not umbrellas)

–  Work gloves

Miscellaneous Items:

– Bible or devotional (ie: Our Daily Bread)

– Shower shoes

– Small flashlight (helpful when the power goes out)

– Alarm clock

– Personal first aid kit (band aids, moleskin, etc.)

– Pocket knife (in checked bag, not in carry-on bag)

– Sun screen (non-aerosol)

– Insect repellent (non-aerosol).  Seresto collars work great around your boots and citronella bands work well too.

– Sun glasses

-Medicine (for headaches, upset stomach, diarrhea, etc.)

Water, Food, Hygiene and Vet Stuff:

– Water bottles (Refillable ie: Nalgene)

-Toilet Paper (recommend travel packs of travel wipes)

– Baby Wipes

·       Toilet facilities in the countryside are variable, sometimes a clean modern bathroom, sometimes a pit privy, and sometimes a nearby bush. Baby wipes and toilet paper are handy to have with you at all times.

– Sharpie Markers

– Disposable Nylon Dog Leashes (optional, perfect for wayward dog patients and hogs)

– Pliers/Leatherman Tool (optional, to remove needles jammed onto cattle syringes)


Bring a small backpack or book bag to hold all your stuff during the day.

Candy and Gifts:

Many people bring a few large bags of hard candy (no chocolate, please it melts) to give to the village kids. The big assortment bags from places like WalMart are a good idea. (Providing gifts and candy is optional.)  Even better gifts include ball caps, work gloves, T-shirts, small toys for the children.)  These are all optional, but very much appreciated by those we serve.


Everyone is responsible for keeping track of their own passport. Check your passport to make sure that it will not expire before we go.  Make a photocopy of your passport to keep in your suitcase.   KEEP YOUR PASSPORT WITH YOU AT ALL TIMES.

Old Clothes:

Once you pack everything that you need for the trip, you can fill up the unused space with old clothing that you can leave behind in Honduras. Anything that you would take to the Goodwill, will be great to leave in Honduras.

Cell Phone:

Android and iPhones have a free app called Viber which allows you to call and text free where wireless internet is available. It is available at Hotel Zari where we will be staying. You must have your contact(s) in the US sign up for Viber to so you can communicate. Make sure your contacts in the US have your number.   The hotel also has WiFi, so those with iPhones can communicate with Facetime.


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