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Health and Safety

We want to say a few words about what we have all signed up for and to help you prepare to have the best experience possible.

Please keep in mind that we will be traveling in Central America and they do things differently there.  You must expect the unexpected!!!!  Planes will be late, bags will be lost, and trucks may not show up.  Don’t get  upset!  Stop and let the Lord reveal his plan.  It is the unexpected, the unplanned and inconvenient that helps us to grow as children of the Most High God!

Physical Safety

Safety is our number one priority.  We need to be safe when traveling.  Never travel alone and always stay close to the hotel after dark.  NEVER GO OUT ALONE – ALWAYS GO WITH ANOTHER GROUP MEMBER!    This is especially important on the evenings when we have dinner on our own in town.  STAY IN GROUPS!

Be careful when riding in the back of pick-up trucks.  Never sit on the side rails or tailgates.  It’s best to sit with your posterior securely on the gear boxes or on the bottom of the truck bed.  Always hold on tight!

Be safe when working around the animals, they know all the tricks, they all bite, they kick and they know how to use their horns.    We try to treat every animal, but we will refuse treatment if the situation is not safe.  The veterinarians’ judgment is the last word on this.  Your safety is more important than vaccinating any animal!

Always reach OVER the large animal chutes NEVER through the slats!

Preventative Health Care

Please visit the CDC website at  for their travel recommendations.  Each traveler should consider whether they will want to take an anti-malarial preventative and be vaccinated against typhoid (and other preventable diseases).  There are long-term mission team members that take malaria prevention and long-term members that do not.  The same with typhoid and other vaccinations.  It is an individual decision.  You can also visit the following website(s) for a company that provides vaccinations and other travel-related information and medications.

Passport Health:

Food and Water Safety

Please remember to DRINK plenty of BOTTLED WATER all day, every day!!

Do not drink the local water, don’t have ice in your beverages……  use the bottled water to brush your teeth!

Remember that ICE is also water…… just do not risk it!

Anything that is eaten raw should be viewed with caution!  If it has a skin, peel it.  Remember that the WATER that comes in contact with the skin can make you ill.  Don’t eat the skin of any fruit!

Pickled slaw is served with the traditional pupusa’s …….  be safe and skip it!

IF YOU are sick, please notify your team leader right away!!!  Minor vomiting and diarrhea can rapidly develop into a major problem if not addressed quickly.  Don’t be shy!  Don’t tough things out!

 Getting Along

We must also warn you about something.  In all the years that we have done this mission, we never have had problems with the animals or with the Hondurans; they are a beautiful and loving people.  The only problems that we have ever had were among the North Americans.  Somebody says something unkind, or somebody did something wrong.  Disagreements and arguments among the North Americans in the past have spoiled an otherwise picture perfect trip.

Please remember our purpose for going to Honduras…to show God’s love for our brothers and sisters in Central America.  It is not about our own personal comfort, or our own personal agenda.  What kind of example do we set if we cannot get along with our fellow workers for just 7 days?

We will have fun, we will work hard, we will be hot, dirty and tired, but please remember to turn the other cheek and forgive the minor transgressions and irritations that we may experience along the way.  It is only a seven day trip, I hope that we can all “suck it up” for 7 days and just get along.

Miscellaneous Tidbits

The hotel needs to be paid in cash while we are there.

Breakfast in Siguatepeque is included in the trip as is one dinner.  All other meals can be paid in cash at local restaurants.

The hotel has Wifi (the pass word is provided by the front desk) and many people make use of Viber or Facetime to make contact home without having to pay international calling rates.

Use sunscreen and bug repellent!!!!!

Toilet paper needs to be placed in the trash can near the commode.  Honduran plumbing will CLOG if you flush the toilet paper.  You will be embarrassed and have a nasty odor in your room if the plumbing clogs….. so NO PAPER in the commode!

Your shower has an electric heater in the head (apparently electricity and water do mix).  Ask one of your seasoned travel companions how to operate it.  If you aren’t getting hot water – let the front desk know and they will come fix it.  You do not have to have a cold shower!


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