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Vision Testing in Honduras 2016

When I was asked to begin a program for Vision Testing in the mountain schools in Honduras , I thought of the story my husband Clark had told me.

He was in the third grade and his teacher had informed Clark’s mother that Clark seemed to be having trouble seeing words on the blackboard. After visiting the optometrist and wearing his brand new glasses , he realized that he could see leaves on the trees for the very first time!

I had this strong feeling that I would soon have the opportunity to help many children in Honduras “see leaves on the trees” and have a perfect reason for going on my first mission trip.

As part of the Public Health Ministry team led by Lynn C. , a group of seven wonderful women planned a system to check all the children’s vision at four schools. For those children needing further testing , we used a portable Eye Netra Refractor . After explaining the process ,we conducted the tests and printed the prescriptions with a portable printer.

These prescriptions will be given to the Lions Club in New Braunfels and the glasses will be sent to the children in Honduras . We tested over 200 hundred children and performed the special refractor exams on 40. Along with the vision testing , we performed entertaining and informative skits at each school about hygiene, dental care, dehydration and rabies prevention. Because of the threat of the Zika virus, we also installed screen doors. We provided beans and rice, notebooks and hygiene kits to each school as well. The children’s smiles and laughter bring a smile to my face, tears to my eyes and joy to my heart as I write this report.

We also delivered the dolls and mommy kits made by the women in the Diocese of West Texas to the Women’s Clinic. The nurse at the clinic was trained to use the Eye Netra Refractor and she will instruct the student nurses who will help in the screening of the people in Siguatepeque until we return next year.

We had a week of strong and tender spiritual fellowship starting each day in prayer led by Reverends RippĀ  and Jay and much joy and tears at the gratefulness expressed by the beautiful children and parents in Honduras. I now have a strong resolve to learn more Spanish , encourage others to experience a mission trip and to return next year to give more children the joy of “seeing the leaves on the trees”

In Him,
Noreen H.

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