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Mission Trip Basics

Dates of Trip: 

Depart EARLY on Saturday, May 20 2023 and Return LATE on Friday, May 26, 2023.

Estimated Cost of Trip:

Airfare (estimated at $700), Local transportation, breakfasts, one lunch, 2 dinners in Honduras ($200), Hotel Room (approximately) $100. You will pay for lunches and dinners that are not provided.  You can easily live on $5 or less for each of those meals.  (Total cost is approximately $1100-1500).

Which Team:

If you are on the Vision Team, you will help screen the vision of school children.  This can include operating the screening machine, recording information, keeping children not being screened occupied, helping dispense hygiene kits.  You will be driving along curvy, mountainous roads for several hours each day.

If you are on the Veterinary Team you will be vaccinating large and small animals and providing anti-parasiticides.  This can include spraying insecticide on animals, preparing vaccines, record keeping and administering vaccines.  If you have not worked with animals before, the team will help you learn!  Teams travel to their work-sites in the back of trucks and the roads are curvy and mountainous.

Health and Safety:

We recommend travel insurance for everyone on the Mission team.  Those on the Veterinary team are REQUIRED to have proof of recent rabies vaccination (within the previous 2 years) OR proof of a protective antibody titer within the previous year.  Those on the Vision/Public Health Team are not required to be vaccinated against rabies.  We do recommend checking with a travel-experienced MD or checking the CDC Website for other recommended vaccinations for those traveling to Honduras.


We stay in town in a safe, secured hotel (Hotel Zari) that we have used for years.  Each room has a private bathroom, you can opt to have air conditioning and you may request to room with a specific team member (or we can assign someone to room with you).    You will need to pay the hotel in cash (either US dollars or Honduran lempira).  The telephone numbers are:  504-2773-0015 or 504-2773-0198.

Hotel Zari Cost:

Here are the hotel rates (Current as of May 2018).  Note that Pax is the number of people per room.  When you check in you select ventilador (fan) or A/C (room air conditioner).  The rates are in Honduran Lempira!


A very complete breakfast is served Sunday – Friday and is included in the transportation/food fee you pay ($200).  Also included is Saturday night dinner, Sunday lunch and Thursday night dinner).  Lunches are usually purchased each day at a local mini-mart type establishment (and eaten in the field if you are on the veterinary team).  Dinners are purchased at local restaurants in town – small groups form spontaneously and no one dines alone!


Our Episcopalian Priests lead a devotional each morning (except the morning we depart Honduras) and Sunday morning we attend worship at a local Episcopal Church.  There are opportunities along the way to share your faith with others on the trip (you are not required to be an Episcopalian or even believe in God (because many of us know that God believes in you)) and with the Hondurans you meet along the way.

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