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Report to the Dioceses of West Texas 2018

God is answering the prayers of His people and the “Love Honduras” team is a witness.

The Body of Christ was visible in the 49 members of the 2018 “Love Honduras” team and their Honduran counterparts, along with the friends, neighbors, service groups, businesses, large corporations, and most importantly, the Episcopal Diocese of West Texas who supported them.

The Vision Team, under the leadership of Noreen H. (St. John’s, NB)  surpassed all expectations with the new Welch-Allyn eye machine and hopes to expand next year with the purchase of another machine and a second team under the leadership of Addie G. and Mckenzie H..  Working with the local Honduran school district, the team traveled over rough mountain roads to the most remote schools, taking beans, rice, vegetable seeds, class supplies, hygiene kits, and writing notebooks for all the children. The team tested the eyes of over 1,200 children who would not normally have any access to this kind of health care. With the help of the Rick W., (St. John’s, NB) and the Lions Club, 200 hundred children will receive free glasses… transforming their lives.

The Veterinary Team  divided into five working teams to reach the distant, impoverished areas that have the greatest needs.  Cafe CoHorSil, a local agricultural coop who does all the in-country logistics, helped to install 20 new chutes with portable metal panels shipped to Honduras via USAIDenton to create a safer work environment. These chutes may be used by local farmers throughout the year. Over 5,000 animals were vaccinated and treated in four days. This is an amazing feat!  Healthy animals translate into a stronger economy and healthier people.

Community veterinary workers were trained to treat the day to day needs of the animals.  Each volunteer was given a set of equipment and supplies, including a stethoscope, suture kit, calf delivery tools, etc.  A copy of Donde No Hay Doctor Para Animales is given to each community worker at the beginning of the training. “Empower the people” is our constant mantra.

Thanks to Bob B. (St. John’s, NB), the Birthing Center has a new ultra-sound.  Mommy-baby kits, bags of diapers, and medical supplies were, also, greatly appreciated.

The Public Health Team met with the Honduran side of the Love Honduras team comprised of community leaders and school officials. After much discussion, they initiated a proposal to begin building freestanding bathroom/kitchen/cistern complexes so that children in the remote mountains will have clean water, better nutrition, and indoor plumbing. This will have tremendous health consequences and benefit thousands of children.  Also, a plan was developed to train the teachers from the mountain schools at the tech high school in Siguatepeque so that the XO learning system laptops (developed by MIT for children of developing countries) could be used to their full potential to give opportunities and options to the children, forgotten by all except their loving God.

For fuller descriptions of our work, please find letters written by two of our first time members enclosed.

Also, please check out for more photos, videos, and updated information.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for all that you do to make this possible!


The Rev. Jay G.,  The Rev. Ripp H., Riva H., DVM (Grace Episcopal Church), Randy L., DVM, Jeff J., DVM,

Noreen H. (St. John’s, NB), Bill C., DVM (St. John’s, NB), and Lynn C. (St. John’s, NB)

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