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Dental Clinic Project

Dental Clinic Project

Oropoli, Honduras

September 2021

We have an opportunity to help rebuild a dental clinic in the town of Oropoli on the Eastern border of Honduras and Nicaragua.  This request comes from our very dedicated, long-time partner, Oscar Ochoa Medoza.  He is requesting $2600 USD for this project.  Here is what he says:

My hometown was founded approximately 300 years ago, it wasn’t until about 5 years ago that it had dental clinic service.  It has helped approximately 7,000 Hondurans, especially the children, youth and elderly.

As president of the Non-Governmental Organization (ODO), we have done little miracles with the clinic. However, the current conditions are inappropriate (as you can see in the photographs).  The facilities are not in suitable conditions for dignified, safe and quality dental assistance for the inhabitants of the community of Oropolí; including villages nearby.

Please consider a donation to help fund this worthy project!!

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