Restaurant Recommendations

Meals Out on the Town



Suggestions from past participants of restaurants they enjoyed are below.  We do find that year to year some of the restaurants are the same and some favorites disappear from year to year.  Checking with the front desk at Hotel Zari can also result in some new places to eat.  And, there is always the after dinner favorite of the ice cream store (a few doors down from the hotel).  This is not to be confused with the AMAZING Amish Ice Cream shop near the Birthing Center.  Each small group will usually stop at least once to get ice cream or drinks, so bringing a few limpera with you each day is definitely a must!

Restaurant at the Supermarket:  A staple!  They have a menu that includes chicken, beef and you can even get pizza from the take-away counter next to the dining area (just order your pizza and then join your Mission friends in the dining area).