Rabies (Human) Vaccination Information

Proof of Rabies Prophylaxis (Veterinary Team Members Only)

Please note that Public Health Team members are NOT required to obtain rabies vaccination to participate in the Mission Trip.


Please submit your proof of pre-exposure rabies vaccination (within the previous 2 years)  OR Rabies vaccination titer as described below to Dr. Randy Lynn (


For those in the Seguin, TX area:

If you are interested in getting your human rabies vaccination(s) - please contact Dr. Bill Campaigne at 830-305-3372.  Expect them to be offered during March 2020.


If you have NOT had a previous rabies vaccination, you need a series of THREE intra-dermal vaccines.   Cost for EACH intra dermal vaccination should be around $40 each (if done through the Mission Trip).   If you need the series you must make all three dates and pay for all of your shots at your first visit.  Please note that if you sign up to get the vaccination(s) and later decide not to get them, you are expected to pay for them! (We order and PAY for the vaccines in advance.)

If you have been previously vaccinated, you need ONE booster vaccine.

In order to receive a vaccination you MUST contact Bill Campaigne at OR 830-305-3372 AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.  Remember-if you sign up to get the vaccination(s) and later decide not to get them, you are still expected to pay for them! 

For those than cannot easily come to Seguin - check with your local Walgreens.  Some Mission Team Members have been able to get vaccinated there - and their health insurance has covered some or all of the cost!

If you wish to have a titer done, you will have to go to your physician to have the blood drawn and run.  Kansas State provides a rabies titer service.  For information, see


YOU MUST BE PROTECTED by either having an adequate titer or rabies vaccination to be allowed on to work on the veterinary team.