Vision & Public Health Team


"Every child needs a Champion"

Our goal is to provide visual screening and free glasses for the school children in the remote areas of Siguatepeque.  Each child is tested with a Welch Allen Spot Screener to check for myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism.  Using the information, glasses are ordered in the United States, shipped to Honduras, and given to the children.  In 2019, we provided 275 pairs of glasses to children to enhance their vision and their sweet, precious lives.



Why: A level of cleanliness is vital for healthy living.  Taking a bath regularly isn’t just about dirt... it is about washing away bacteria from cuts and sores.  A friend who is a full time missionary recently recovered from cholera.  All the missionaries in her compound came down with cholera.  They discovered the problem: there was not a place to immediately wash their hands after using the out house. 

When living in south Texas, Michael’s young son became ill.  He went completely limp.  They rushed him to the hospital where doctors said that the child would have died if they had waited to bring him.  The diagnosis: he had become dehydrated.  This happens in the US, and it happens in the Honduras.  Especially at risk is the anemic, malnourished young child. If not treated for something as simple as diarrhea  can become quickly dangerous. In the remote mountains far from hospitals, the consequences can be tragic.  Yet there are easy home remedies, that if administered quickly, can save lives.

60% of Hondurans are malnourished and 10% of children die of dehydration.

What:  Working closely with the local Honduran school system, Public Health Teams serve the children in the remote mountain schools..The Public Health Team has fun by presenting skits and puppets shows that teach young children basic hygiene.  The presentation always begins with a Bible story proclaiming the word of Christ and His love for the children.   Most teachers know that it takes eight repetitions for someone to remember something... and to actually change a person’s behavior is very difficult.  Even if the children have already been presented with public health information, it is wonderful affirmation to have a dramatic presentation by The Public Health Team.  

The teams have worked to improve education. In visiting remote schools, the Public Health team has a better understanding of  needs.  Beside the children’s gift bags with soap, toothbrush, pencil, comb, etc., teams take teacher supplies and writing notebooks.  Starting in 2016, teams take beans and rice for malnourished children.  When teams recognized the limitations of learning by rote and an education without pencils, paper, and textbooks, Public Health teams initiated The Owen Project which takes XO laptop learning systems to the children. The team continues to support, encourage, evaluate and supplement The Owen Project which gives children options where there were none.

Usually, there are emergency needs.  At one school, not one child had on shoes!  With worms and the possibilities of injury, it is a matter of health for children to wear shoes.  The team dug into pockets and bought every child a pair of flip flops.  That not only met an immediate need... it taught the parents, the children, and the teachers the importance of wearing shoes....