Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to be able to speak Spanish to participate?

No, many of our participants speak very little or no Spanish.  We have been fortunate to have enough people fluent in Spanish to have a few people on each team to help translate.  We have also been ministering to many of these communities for years, so smiles, hand signals and limited Spanish-speaking abilities get the job done!


How do I pay for the trip?

There are many ways to finance your mission trip.  Traditionally, those on a mission trip expect to fund about 1/3 of the cost themselves, 1/3 of the cost from friends and family members supporting you and 1/3 from your home church.  For our group, some people fund-raise, some people are entirely supported by their church and some people pay their own way.  If God is moving you to be part of this ministry - the funding will come! 


I'd like to go, but don't know much about animals......

We have room on our Public Health teams which do not require working directly with the animals or the Veterinary Team members will be happy to help you learn!  We love to teach and there are plenty of things to do until you feel comfortable working directly with the animals.


What kind of people go on this trip?

We have all sorts of people!  On the veterinary teams we have pre-veterinary students, accountants, veterinary students, priests, veterinarians, managers, retired people........  Get the picture?  On the public health team we have teachers, librarians, retired people, students, ....... We're people that want to serve God! 


I'd really like to ask more questions, but I don't know who to contact......

We would love to speak with you!  Don't be shy!  Call or email us and we will do our best to answer all your questions! 


Riva Heron, DVM

Randy Lynn, DVM