2010: Brenlyn Vatthauer

Honduras Public Health Mission 2010

First Day

The first school we went to was Victor Ardon, it was closed for the day because of the rain but there were about 20 children that gathered around the school to watch us decide what to do. We performed only a puppet show and left supplies in the school. This school was the poorest we encountered the whole trip, the kids barely has clothes and most had no shoes. It was 1hr from the hotel.

Juan Lindo was the second school of the day. This school was 35min from the last school. The children all had clothes and shoes, some had uniforms and backpacks.

Second Day

Maximo Soto had about 60 students and was 1hr and 5min from the hotel. Most of the kids has uniforms and the teachers were very helpful. The school also has a huge cow pasture right beside it so it was a good area to play soccer and bubbles.

Moises Duarte also had about 60 students and was 5 min from the previous school. The teachers were young here and one took pictures with her camera during our play. Some kids had uniforms but most just wore normal clothes.

Third Day

Gregorio Consuegra was about 40min to get to (if we took an easier road we would have gotten there sooner). All but a few the children had uniforms, but some uniforms didn’t fit some kids, as if they were hand-me-downs. 85 children were present and there was a male teacher that kept the children in line.

Gracias a dios has a great teacher who had great control of the kids, this school also had a basketball court. There were about 50 kids and there was much diversity in age at the school.

Fourth Day

Especial escuela de Sinquatepeci was 20min from the hotel. It had deaf student and mentally handicapped students. All the children had clothes and shoes and the teachers were the nicest of the whole trip and welcoming. We left all the supplies we had left with this school and kept some for the next school.

Canada School was very well off and the kids were very polite and nice. The teachers were friendly and kids were all dressed in uniforms. There were about 65 kids.